Cool Racks qPCR 0.1mL (5660-TW-SSP)

Sapphire Scientific Plastics Cool Rack (5660-TW-SSP)
Sapphire Scientific Plastics Cool Rack (5660-TW-SSP)
  • qPCR Rack
  • Cold to Warm Colour Change: Blue to White
  • Est. Time below 4°C: 2.5 Hours  

Tube plate capacity:

  • Corbett/Qiagen Rotor-Gene qPCR 0.1 mL strip tubes X 16
  • 2 X 0.2ml strip of 8 PCR tubes
  • 4 X.5 mL PCR Tubes

Cool Racks Maintain a sample temperature of less than 4ºC for almost 4 hours with lid on rack, when used at room temperature. Colour changes enables you to see how cold your samples are as you work.

Product Code:
5660-TW-SSP – Sapphire Cool Rack

Part Number5660-TW-SSP

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